5 Ways to Keep Sane This Holiday Season

May the spirit of Dezemba/Drinkscember/Drunksember be with you! I hope you’re letting loose and making merry where-ever you are. It’s a wonderful time to reconnect with loved ones and let off some steam especially with the year we have just  had. However, even with all the good cheer, holidays can be an extremely stressful time for LGBTIQ and MSM folk. With the pesky relatives and intrusive questions about ‘your lifestyle.’ It can be just that much more harder to catch a break and just relax.


Here’s a little list of things to help you stay sane over the holidays:


Don’t RSVP.

If you’re invited to a gathering or function, you seriously don’t feel great about going then don’t. You don’t have to attend. Maybe you’re not on talking terms, you didn’t like the crowd at the last gathering or haven’t visited your family since they kicked you out.  You don’t need to be at every single gathering. Opt out of it and seek out an environment you like instead.



Have some me- time to decompress. This me time is a great opportunity to re-evaluate goals and  reflect on where you are in life. You don’t have to be around people especially if it stresses you out. Take walks, create reminders around the house of your best attributes and really enjoy your company. How about making vision boards and gratitude lists over a nice beer on Christmas day?



If you do end up spending time with family, find neutral topics and games that will help bring you together without conflict. This will help decrease the likelihood of being offended by your kin.



Donate foodstuffs and your time to others. Spending time with others instead of being overindulgent or being in hostile environments can be a great alternative to the usual holiday traditions. Create this and other traditions with your fellow tribe.


Manage expectations

If for whatever reason, you get anxious over the holidays and agonize over what to wear, who to see and what to cook try lowering your expectations this year. Ask for some assistance from friends and family to ease the burden. No one’s perfect or getting out alive enjoy yourself while you can.



Holidays can be a rough time. One can feel sad for no reason or even hate holidays altogether. Holidays can also remind of us our inadequacies, we can feel like such trash. Fret not. Seek help from various toll numbers or support groups when the load seems to heavy. Find a friend or two to confide in and share the holiday with.



Happy Holidays! Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!


5 Ways to Keep Sane This Holiday Season

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