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There comes a time in our lives when all you need is a little loving, conversation and a special(or not) someone. So what do you do? You perhaps set out to meet new people at gatherings, through friends or maybe even hop on one of or all dating apps. Let’s face it dating in Nairobi or any big city has become some sort of extreme sport and meeting in person can be nerve wrecking, time consuming and awkward for some.

You download the apps( because modern love) and get down to finding for your mate for the night, week or lifetime. After a little swipe right, left; you’re matched to your mate. What follows is a little ding ding messaging back and forth or no messaging at all. The criteria you use to settle on mate is based on whatever need you want addressed.  Be it casual sex, short or long term dating.  A date is set and a venue chosen.You’re eager to meet your match. It’s like unwrapping a gift. But did you stop and think that maybe meeting them could be the worst mistake of your life?

As humans we want nothing more intimacy and acceptance by others. It is easy to brush aside any red flags especially when we are often shunned by others for certain aspects of ourselves like who we love and how we live.  In the rush of things, we ignore any danger signs and common sense leaves our bodies. We go along with meeting them in places we’re not familiar with and doing things we don’t like. We let our guards down and become vulnerable. Remember, this is a stranger after all and not every single person has your best interests at heart. Better to err on the side of caution. Don’t compromise or let things slide if you feel unsafe. If something feels off, it is definitely off and you need get yourself out of the situation. Unfortunately, all isn’t fair in love and war especially online. People are rarely who they say they are.

Finally, this article on safety while on a dating apps is worth a read.  Report any incidents on the  utunzi app or website. Stay safe.



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